Winners Win!! Pat Brick wins the 11th Annual Tonawandas Eliminator Scratch Classic

By Chris Hutchins 5-3-2024

Manor Lanes in Tonawanda, NY was the host for the 11th Annual Tonawandas Eliminator Scratch Classic held by the Tonawandas USBC Association this past Sunday April 28th, 2024.  With the tournament paying out a total of $6000, 81 entries in the field from the WNY area, out to Rochester and down to Erie, PA would bowl a four game scratch qualifier for a chance at the $1000 first place prize.  16 bowlers would make the cut along with 2 additional spots cashing.  Our sponsor, Queen City Financial from Williamsville, NY, contributed $1000 to the tournament fund!

The field bowled on a very demanding sport shot oil pattern that saw everyone fight for every pin they could get.  It was not easy and it showed as the final cut for the top 16 was minus 16.  None the less Michael Marcanio from Rochester, NY made it look easy.  The strong lefty came out firing with an 897 set to lead the field.  Opening with a 223 Michael rolled the highest game of the entire event in game two with a 279.  Matt White from Warren, PA made the trip up to Buffalo and was the best righty that morning.  Opening 223, 221 Matt shot 266 in game three to secure the second seed for an 892 set.  They call him “Wide Cim.”  Sean Dietz opened the day with a 266 to finish out at 843 to take the third spot in the cut.  In fourth Phil Rulli from Niagara Falls, NY finished with a 226 game to get to 843.  In the five hole would be Patric Donaghue who fired an 827 series on the strength of a 234 finish.  With maybe the most consistent game over game set in the field Branden Simone would finish 822 to take the sixth spot (212, 204, 191, 215).  Mike DeMartinis was seventh with an 817 series with an opening 225 game.  Dylan Greenauer would round out the top eight with an 813 as he opened the day with a 246.

Rounding out the nine through sixteen spots would be Zak Slomba 812, the legend Dave Guindon 809 (234), Ryan Kress 807 (248), the salty one Pat Brick 802, Richard Frank 801 (222), Adam Jozwiak 796, 2024 WNY Queens Champion Haley Carroll 790 (221) and Tim Finken 784.  Two additional spots cashed.  In 17th Mike “House Shoes” Johnson at 779 (234) and in 18th Steve Dorobiala at 776.

With sixteen making the cut the bowlers would draw randomly for lane assignments.  With four to a pair the top two would advance to the next round.  Scores were still tough to come by but two of the bigger games of the day came from the same pair as Ryan Kress (256) and Pat Brick (245) advanced.  It would be a sign of things to come.  Also advancing to the elite eight would be Sean Dietz (213) and Richard Frank (168),  Adam Jozwiak (197) and Mike DeMartinis (191) and in what turned out to be a barn burner of a pair Haley Carroll advanced (180) while Phil Rulli (165) held off Pat Donaghue and Matt White by a pin to advance!

In the elite eight Jozwiak would roll the highest game of those remaining this round with a 227 while a 175 by Brick was plenty to get past Carroll and Frank.  Ryan Kress shot 224 to move on and DeMo’s 177 was good enough to get to the top four.

DeMartinis struggled on the pair out of the four remaining while Brick finished 234 to advance to the finals.  The last spot to move on would come down to Kress and Jozwiak.  Kress finished with a set of strikes in the 10th but Jozwiak could still catch him.  Only a 4 pin that stood tall on a good shot stopped Adam from advancing.  As Kress finished 223 to Adam’s 211.

With an all lefty final the table had been set.  After a tough stretch earlier in the year Brick started putting together some solid tournament finishes leading up to the Eliminator.  No slouch either Ryan was bowling well and had showed consistent finishes in recent weeks at various events in the area.

Bowling on 19 and 20 Kress opened with a strike while Brick started with a double.  The two would fill frames and exchange spares through the middle of the match.  Kress kept himself in it as he left the 3-6-7 split in the 5th frame but converted when the 3 pin slid over, hit the side wall and slapped the 7 out.  Ryan would open in the 6th with a washout and Pat took advantage with a strike that saw the 7 pin glide across the deck slowly and tumble over.  Brick looked for a double in the 6th and gave a little leg kick to try and get the 7 out but it stood tall.  Kress was not done yet.  As Ryan looked to get back into the match a ball change in the 8th led to a double putting him within striking distance.

Brick fired back with a double of his own in the 7th and 8th that saw the leg kick work this time around as he walked it out to the left on 19 with the head pin clobbered the 10 pin out.  With a spare in the 9th Bricky had a chance to shut Kress out.  With a solid strike in the 10th Pat would need a spare to shut the door.  A little slower shot led to the ball diving hard to leave the 4-7.  Stepping up with confidence Brick fired away and made the spare with ease.  Pat Brick took the match 215-190 to become your Tonawandas Eliminator Scratch Classic Champion.

The Tonawandas USBC Association would like to thank Brian Russo and all the staff at Manor Lanes.  Their group along with Tournament Director Ryan Reese ran a very smooth tournament for the bowlers and provided great hospitality. Thank you again to Queen City Financial for sponsoring this event!  We would also like to thank Matt Limardi for putting in the time to develop a tough but fair pattern for this event.  Lastly thank you to the bowlers who came out to compete and support our event. Eliminator 2024 MatchplayEliminator 2024 Qualifier Standings