By Chris Hutchins February 6th, 2024 The 26th Annual Western New York Queen’s Tournament hosted by the Greater Buffalo USBC Association was held at Transit Lanes this past Sunday, February 4th. Women bowlers from across the Western New York area came out to show off their skill across three average divisions. Each division bowled a four game qualifier with the top 5 in each division advancing to compete in a step ladder finals format. A total of 62 bowlers came out to compete.   Division 1 (200 & over avg) If you were a spectator you were once again reminded that the WNY area has some fantastic women bowlers who can put up the numbers on the scoreboard. Division 1 did not disappoint. Over the four games of qualifying the field leader changed hands each round but it would Haley Carroll throwing a massive 290 in game four to leap from sixth to first to take the top spot. After a slow start Haley fired a 248 and found herself seven pins out of the cut. Her big finish landed her the first seed with a 953 series. Next up was Liz Johnson. In game three only a stone 8 pin would stop her from rolling 300 as she shot scores of 279 and 258 down the stretch to secure the second seed with a 944 set. With consistent game over game scoring Michele Reese would be the three seed with a 918 series with games of 239, 215, 238 and 226. Up next would be Carrie Racsumberger who locked down the four seed with a 915 set with games of 247 and 245 mixed in. Peggy Kuhn fired games of 258 and 245 in the middle of her round to shoot 910 to wrap up the final spot to the step ladders. Scores of note during qualifying in this division included Tammy Burgstahler (247, 885), Michelle Sterner (232, 235, 873), Andrea Held (258, 868), Nicole Lombombard (233, 849), Stephanie Price (258, 843) and Danielle Dolegala (246). In game 1 of the stepladder format it would be Racsumberger vs. Kuhn. Carrie got off to quick start as she opened the match with the first three strikes. As the bowlers traded shots Peggy found her groove and ran a five bagger down the stretch to win the match 248-225. Kuhn stayed hot as she opened the match against Michele Reese with a three bagger but it would be Reese who would get the hot hand down the stretch. Throwing the original Idol Reese rolled her way to the win ripping off eight strikes in a row to take the match 269-189. The great look that Michele had in the previous match would suddenly disappear as she ran into a buzz saw in Liz Johnson. After opening nine spare in the first frame Liz ran the table on her way to a 290-169 finish to jump into the final match of the day against Haley Carroll. In the finals the crowd was treated to a great back and forth match between Carroll and Johnson. Haley started out with a four pin followed by a double as Liz responded with a double of her own. The bowlers would exchange wrap ten pins midway through the match. A double mid game gave Carroll a ten pin lead as Liz left a flat ten in the fifth and a seven pin on a light mixer in the sixth. Johnson was not done, however, as she put ten back in the seventh. Haley had a chance to extend the lead but a stubborn four pin stood tall in the seventh. The door swung open for Liz in the eighth as an errant shot by Carroll dove through the face briefly leaving the 4-6-7 split. At the last moment the six pin dropped after being rolled from behind leaving Haley a makeable spare. Another four pin in the ninth for Haley gave Liz an opportunity to shut her out. Needing to run the last four Liz put a solid shot through the pocket in the ninth for a strike but left a soft ten pin on the next one which left Carroll needing only a mark in the tenth. With a shot that was fluid from release Carroll struck and took the match 225-208 to become your 2024 Division 1 Queen’s Champion.   Division 2 (180-199 avg) The top qualifier in Division 2 changed hands a few times but it would be Dayna Daugherty jumping into the top spot with an 882 with games of 235 and 243 in games three and four. Madison Rogacki followed with some solid bowling with an 873 series to take the second seed and also shot the highest game in qualifying in the division with a 258. Ysobel Conrad was the three seed as she finished an 860 set with a 247 game. The four seed would be Julie Anne Miller finishing with a 234 to get to 828. Rounding out the top five was Tricia Zemla who rolled a 246 game and an 813 set. Scores of note in the division included Kimberly Reitmeier (222, 219, 795), Carrie Battel (227, 791), Sara Greck (223) and Samantha Stachura-Lee (226). The first round of the step ladders saw Zemla vs Miller. Both bowlers started off strong but down the stretch Zemla could not catch any breaks. Miller was able to put a three bagger together early in the match along with a double and advanced 214-175. The next match saw Julie Anne put four strikes together to take the lead but a missed four pin in the ninth gave Conrad new life. Ysobel ran the last four to finish the match 226-212. Conrad continued to have the hot hand in match number three. Madison put together a three bagger mid game but Ysobel doubled that count with six strikes in a row as she defeated Rogacki 258-200. With Conrad rolling hot Daugherty knew she would have her hands full. Dayna came


Jason Ciliberto Wins the 2024 Tri-City Masters

All I can say is wow. Just wow. The 31st annual Tri-City Masters Tournament went down at Allie-Brandt lanes Sunday, February 25th in Lockport, NY. A record breaking 119 bowlers entered the tournament to fill up the house. With Covid wiping out the 2021 and 2022 events the Tri-City made a strong return in 2023 with 96 bowlers at Mallwitz’s Island Lanes. It was exciting to see the buildup of a tournament that would challenge and ultimately break the Tri-City tournament entry record set in 2002 at Rapids Bowling Center that saw 112 entries. The Tri-City is made up of three USBC associations consisting of Lockport, Niagara Falls and the Tonawandas. 119 bowlers representing those associations along with bowlers from Buffalo, Rochester, Southern Tier and Canada signed up to compete on the 2020 World Bowling Montreal oil pattern (41 feet) laid out for the tournament. Spectators filled the concourse throughout the day to witness the bowling talent the Western New York area has to offer. Twenty four bowlers would make the cut to match play with an additional six bowlers receiving a cash prize. The tournament this day would pay out a record $10,451 in prize money. With twenty four bowlers making the cut the top eight would receive a first round bye. During the four game qualifying round it appeared the lefties had the upper hand with three taking three of the top four spots. From the Tonawandas Association it would be Devon Miller leading the field with a 982 series. Devon came out firing starting the day with a 243 followed by games of 234 and 225. A monster 280 in his last game allowed him to make the jump into first place overall. Next up another southpaw in Jason Ciliberto representing the Lockport Association. Jason won the Tri-City in 2015. Bowling in a house that has treated him well Jason shot a 963 set with games of 231, 238 and a big 279 game to finish out his set. It would be a sign of things to come later in the day. The third seed would go to the Tonawandas very own Ryan Reese who finished with a 934 set on the strength of a 257 in game two. Your next lefty up was the 1996 and 2010 Tri-City Masters Champion Pat Brick. Consistent through the day Pat opened 236 and finished 254 to fire a 925 set and secure the fourth spot. In the five hole would be Chris Racey as he opened the day as the leader with a 278 and finished out with a 923 series. The 2020 and 2023 Niagara Falls Association Champion and 2023 Tri-City runner up Taylor Maxner secured the sixth seed with a 921 series after finishing 269 and 267. After a slow start James Leslie came on strong to take the seventh seed with a games of 233, 258 and 246 down the stretch. Rounding out the top eight would be Curtis Foss. Curtis finished the round with 903 as he fired games of 226, 225 along with a 248 finish. The overall top twenty four cut would be plus 49 as Kara Mangiola held off about a dozen bowlers who all were within striking distance of making match play. Scores of note in the top 24 and the field included Aaron Magliazzo 278, 896, Ryan Phillips 244, 895, Casey Smith 248, 892, Ryan Kress 238, 891, 2023 Tri City Masters Champion Kevin Bienko 258, 890, Andy Rettig 234, 888, Moe Davidson 228, 876, Tom Kress 267, 875, Stephano Cirrito 234, 871, 2024 WNY Queens Champion Haley Carroll 267, 869, Tom Sorce 269, 866, Mike Wozniak 267, 864, 2020 Tri-City Masters Champion Mike Zarcone 256, 857, Al Nicolette 242, 857, Steve Kosut 248, 856, Kara Mangiola 238, 849, Kevin Volker 266, Gary Preston 268, Nick Abdo 288 and three time Tri-City Masters Champion Gary Kinyon 257. Six bowlers making the cash line cut at 842 consisted of 2021 Buffalo Obenauer Champion Dave Kirsch, Shawn McKee, Kevin Volker, Mike Krywcum, Matt Zasowski and Gary Preston. Match play consisted of two game matches. The grind was on and if you were there watching you were treated to some great matches. While the lefties did well in qualifying the righties would start to turn things around in match play as the lanes continue to be carved out. Round one saw Tom Kress, Mangiola, Nicolette, Sorce, Carroll, Phillips, Bienko and Zarcone all advance with Zarcone throwing a monster 533 set for two games. The top 8 would come into the mix in round two. Tom Kress was able to sneak by top qualifier Devon Miller 473-465. Curtis Foss rolled a big 503 set to get past Kara Mangiola. Taylor Maxner battled Al Nicolette to a 449-433 win while Tom Sorce brought the wheel barrow to carry the 511 pins as he advanced over Ryan Reese. Jason Ciliberto advanced 443-347 over Carroll, James Leslie moved on 432-348 over Phillips, Chris Racey defeated Zarcone 418-360 and Kevin Bienko rolled past Pat Brick 468-371. Things got tighter in the top 8 as Tom Kress won another close one over Curtis Foss 382-370. Tom Sorce defeated Taylor Maxner 450-327 while Ciliberto advanced over Leslie 445-427. Kevin Bienko won the showdown against Racey in a high scoring match 506-482. Now in the top four Bienko got closer to having the chance be the first bowler since Gary Kinyon in 2011 and 2012 to repeat as the Tri-City Masters Champion. Ciliberto, the lone lefty remaining in the field, had other ideas and he kept the hot hand as he moved past Bienko 479-406. In the other match the battle of the Toms would be a close one. Kress and Sorce both came out firing. The two bowlers traded bowling punches with each other and in the end it would be Tom Kress left standing in another close one 510-505. The final match would take place on lanes 31-32 with Ciliberto the two seed versus T. Kress the sixteen

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