Tonawandas USBC 52nd Annual Youth Singles Tournament and All-Events Results
by Warren Bush on March 31,2017

On Sunday, March 26th the Tonawandas USBC held its 52nd annual Youth Singles Championship Tournament at Manor II Lanes in Amherst, NY. This year, 62 bowlers competed in six divisions based on their average.

The Girls division A Scratch title went to Jessica Sass who bowled a 695 set. The first place with handicap title went to Paige Bartosz with a 728 set which was highlighted with a 290 third game. Kaelynn Weber (673) and Dayna Daugherty (662) took the second and third place with handicap honors respectively.

Dominic Germano rolled a 692 set to win the Boys A division scratch title. The first place with handicap title went to Aaron Simonds who rolled a 793. Kobi Wiewiorski (717) and Nathan Damiani (713) finished second and third with handicap honors respectively

In the Girls division B, Ashley Henderson rolled a 559 set to take the Scratch title. A 753 set with handicap allowed Megan Adams to take the first place with handicap title, while Laney Fraass bowled a 731 set to earn her the second place with handicap honors. Third place with handicap went to Samantha Spatorico (717).

A 562 scratch set earned Nicholas Brady the Scratch Boys Division B title. Ryler Mnich rolled an amazing 800 set for the first place with handicap title. Evan Bush's 784 set earned him second place with handicap ahead of Lane Marlatt (753) who finished third.

Elizabeth Schilling rolled a 324 set to take the Girls division C Scratch title. The first place with handicap title went to Mallory Adams who rolled a 646 set. Sydney Harvey (645) and Victoria Pompeo (634) finished second and third respectively.

The Boys division C Scratch title went to Callen Neeson who rolled a 391 set. Andrew Wolfe rolled a 702 set with handicap to take the first place with handicap title. Anthony Spatorico (665) got by Noah Burgio (646) for the second place title, while Noah took the third place title.

The Tonawandas USBC thanks Jim Russo and his staff at Manor II Lanes for hosting this year's event.

Scores of note: Jessica Sass (257, 247, 695); Dominic Germano (215, 244, 233, 692); Aaron Simonds (225, 213, 247, 685); Nick Rallo (207, 256, 657); Paige Bartosz (290, 641); Alex Wiewiorski (236, 210, 627); Michael Weber (237, 239, 626); Ryan Reese (216, 207, 615); Nathan Damiani (213, 605); Colton Simonds (241); Dylan Greenauer (202, 233); Jared Simonds (220); Nicholas Brady (213); Evan Bush (211); Ashley Henderson (205); Ryler Mnich (202); Kobi Wiewiorski (201); Andrew Damiani (200);

This event was the last youth tournament hosted by the Tonawandas USBC for bowlers to qualify for All Events. This year's All Events winners are as follows:

Division A Girls: Scratch - Chloe Strong (1,564); 1st w/hdcp - Jaclyn Henderson (2,132); 2nd w/hdcp - Jessica Jackson (2,081); 3rd w/hdcp - Abi Krull (1,989).

Division A Boys: Scratch - Dominic Germano (1896); 1st w/ hdcp - David Adams (2,126); 2nd w/hdcp - Jared Simonds (1,936); 3rd w/hdcp - Michael Weber (1,930);

Division B Girls: Scratch - Megan Adams (1,513); 1st w/hdcp - Rebekah Colson (2,214); 2nd w/hdcp - Samantha Spatorico (2,138); 3rd w/hdcp - Ashley Henderson (2,133)

Division B Boys: Scratch - Joshua Henderson (1,420); 1st w/hdcp - Ryler Mnich (2,180); 2nd w/hdcp - Jonathan Kramer (2,083); 3rd w/hdcp - Salvatore Pompeo (2,082).

Division C Girls: Scratch - Sydney Harvey (920); 1st w/hdcp - Mallory Adams (1,930); 2nd w/hdcp - Victoria Pompeo (1,883).

Division C Boys: Scratch - Noah Burgio (1,063); 1st w/hdcp - Callen Neeson (2,056); 2nd w/hdcp - Matthew Jackson (1,873)

This years Youth Banquet will take place on Wednesday, May 24th. Invitations to all award winners will be sent out soon.

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